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Woman Tattoo's Her 10-Year-Old With Massive Forearm Tattoo

Female Tattoo Artist

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Mom of the year award goes to.....

Imagine the ridiculous things you'd have tattooed on your extremities if you were allowed to get a tattoo at 10!? My "I HEART KELLY KAPOWSKI" would've been regretable probably. Or possibly some tramp stamp of a garbage pail kid.

A NY woman named Crystal Thomas, 33, just got arrested for doing just that. She allowed her 10-year-old child to get an arm tatt and worse yet... encouraged it to happen. She approved a tattoo artists to do a large tattoo of her child's name in block letters on his forearm. It's so large that Chief James Janso of the Town of Lloyd Police said it would take a sleeve tattoo to cover it up.

Thomas was charged with child endangerment among other things and her children are now in protective services care. Police are also looking into charging the tattoo artist for tattooing a minor and endangering the welfare of a child.

According to The Smoking Gun, A nurse at the child's school alerted police when the boy asked her to put some more vaseline on his new ink. At first she believed it was a temporary one but found out it was 100% real.

FACEPALM! This is incredibly stupid and dangerous to her child's health.

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