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Public Schools In Texas Terrified Parents By What They Asked Students To Do


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They want DNA samples to help "identify bodies" in Emergency situations. Would you do this?

It is a terrifying world as a parent theses days. I have 3 kids of my own, and I can tell you my parents never had to fear someone taking a gun into our school and slaughtering us during the middle of the day. Kids are having to do drills to help hide from would be "active shooter situations" across the nation. Our drills where putting a book over your head and crouching in the hallway in case of a tornado.

Now Texas parents are even more terrified after being notified that schools would be sending home DNA tests for students K-6th grade in order to better identify bodies in case of an emergency situation. This is so mind-blowing that this is where we are at as a society. Mental health is such a growing issue, yet not much is being done to help in that realm from ANY politician. Trying to take guns isn't going to change the murderous intent inside people.

According to Today, the Texas state legislature passed Senate Bill No. 2158, a law requiring the Texas Education Agency to "provide identification kits to school districts and open-enrollment charter schools for distribution to the parent or legal custodian of certain students."

This law passed after the Uvalde tragedy that took so many innocent lives. The fallout from that botched situation has been massive and ongoing. Many involved have been relieved from their duties and disbanded. It was all handled incredibly wrong. It took a very long time for some parents to even get an identity on their children that were killed.

Texas School systems announced that they would be sending out kits with fingerprint ID and ways to get DNA samples so that they can track students in their system. This information can be turned over to law enforcement in emergency situations, it also helps "locate and return a missing or trafficked child,” according to the law. Parents are not required to use the kits but are encouraged.

"This is America" one parent wrote in her tweet and shared the actual letter to parents.

It's a scary thought. There are many implications to it though. Yes it could help in emergency situations, but it also puts very personal information into a database that will probably be accessible for life. I'd be very cautious to give government entities such personal information and trust it'll be used appropriately. I'm not a criminal and I don't expect my kids to turn out that way either, but who knows how that information could be used outside of its intended purpose. NO THANK YOU!

On top of that, as said before, it's so sad that we even have to consider "trafficking of children" or "active shooters" in a place that they are supposed to be protected and safe.

What are you thoughts? I don't think there is a clear cut answer on how to stop or prevent psychos from causing terror in public places, but if we can protect geriatric politicians in Washington at all cost, then we can protect our babies even more.

According to the president and CEO of Children at Risk, this law's original intent was for child trafficking reasons but he did say it could be used to "identify victims".

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