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Close-Up Of An Ant's Face Is A Thing Of Nightmares

Artistic impression of insect.

Photo: Moment RF

This is the most terrifying thing I've seen even with Halloween season upon us! #Terrifying #Ant

Dr. Eugenijus Kavaliauskas of Taurage submitted a photo to the 48th annual Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition of an extreme close-up of an ant's face and it will give you nightmares. I'm shocked there hasn't been a horror film this this mask or a genetically altered large version of this hideous insect.

The photo has gone wildly viral because it's long pointed needle-like teeth and red demon eyes. Who knew these tiny little bugs that we live with daily, look like murderous aliens from another planet.

The tweet reads "For the first time ever in history, the 'clear photograph' of an ant is released and that's how it looks - the very same insect roaming inside your house, garden and everywhere!"

That'll make you cringe a little more when you see one.

Of course... I think this was my favorite subtweet on the picture.

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