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Lawrenceville Home Called "Best Haunt" in Georgia

Haunted house scene

Photo: Getty Images

This house is incredibly creepy and supposedly one of the best display in Georgia for Halloween. It's a literal haunted house.

Megan Johnson and Vilonte McCloud spend months turning their rather normal home into a slasher scene. They live in Lawrenceville and create a unique a house of horrors they call "McCloud Manor."

"I want them to be very scared," Johnson told Fox 5. "What makes it so scary is that people don’t expect. They think it’s a regular old house in a cul-de-sac."

FOX 5 caught up with the "Haunt Junkies" as they filled their home with frights, gore, and things that go bump in the night.

"We just love to have Halloween and trick-or-treating for the children. We used to just go visit haunted attractions. Then it was like—why don’t we start on our own?" McCloud said to Fox 5.

They start in July and work until Halloween day. "We’ve been doing this since July this year. Money, time, patience and creativity," McCloud said.

The couple just love seeing people totally terrified when walking through their creation. "I’m pretty sure they’ll be running out by the time they’re done," McCloud said.

"This is for everyone. This is for anyone who loves Halloween the same way we love Halloween," Johnson said.

CLICK HERE for directions to "Haunt Junkies" McCloud Manor

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