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Atlanta Country Star Blanco Brown Talks About The Death Of Migos' Takeoff

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The Atlanta music scene is very close-knit no matter the genre. Blanco Brown speaks on the loss of Takeoff sayin, "his tone was unmatched... I felt like he was gonna eventually do something solo and show his whole gift."

Moote, Kimmie and Otis got a chance to catch up with Atlanta native Blanco Brown, known for his hits "The Git Up" and "Just The Way" with Parmalee. Since meeting him in 2019, he has exploded onto the country music scene and is happy to represent the ATL. He's coming home for his first solo tour and first Atlanta concert as a headliner on Nov. 10th at The Loft at Center Stage.

He talked about the new element or style for country music that some newer artists have shifted the sound a bit. "Nobody's More Country" is his latest single. It may not be everyone's flavor but Blanco said, "you hear it all the time that people are trying to judge exactly what you're doing and put it in a box. you can't put music in a box."

He's excited to play his hits in Atlanta for his hometown crowd, "I'm gonna have family and friends in the building. This is my first time having a show here in Georgia since I started so it's gonna be a moment to document.... We're professional funners!"

The interview with Blanco starts around 19:00 into the MKO Post Show Podcast:

Blanco barely survived a motorcycle accident in Atlanta when he was hit by a truck in 2020. He said "Life was over for a moment after I made it on the ambulance... it's just a blessing to be here." He said reflecting on the second chance after the accident, Blanco said "live purpose, find what that is in life and those breaths that you take in the moment will be the new breaths you take in life."

That statement hits even harder with the loss of his friend Takeoff from Migos. He said he'd been in the studio and was a big fan of the group and Takeoff himself calling his talent "unmatched". He said there is too much senseless violence in hip-hop and said, "I've always been taught it's the company you keep and the people you have around you that may put your life in jeopardy." RIP to Takeoff and prayers for his friends and family.

Otis with Blanco Brown

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Blanco stopped into the Bull Studio a few years ago and showed us the "Git Up" dance that went crazy viral in 2019. It also made the article in the New York Times that year. This is the video of it:

Here's Blanco's newest song "Nobody's More Country"

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