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Chinese Man Wears Cartoon Costume To Hide Lottery Win From Family


Photo: Getty Images

If you win the $1.9 Billion #Powerball tonight would you hide your identity like this guy?

A man in China REALLY doesn't trust his family so he went in disguise to claim his $30.6 Million win. The Guangxi Welfare Lottery said the man, identified only by the pseudonym Li, showed up dressed as a yellow anime cartoon character because he wanted to keep his wife and kids from knowing that he just snagged a major payout.

Li didn't believe that he could trust his family. He said that he didn't want the money to ruin their hard work ethic and make them "lazy". "I have not told my wife or children. I am concerned that they might feel superior to other people and will not work or study hard in future," Li told lottery officials.

He has been playing the lottery for over 10 years but this is his biggest win to date. He spent just $11 on 40 tickets and will take home over $30 million. He told officials he wants to donate a big chunk to charity but that he really doesn't have a plan for the rest of the money just yet.

According to lottery officials in China, it isn't uncommon for people to wear a costume to collect their prize, but most aren't trying to hide it from family members.

One of the biggest winners in the history of the Chinese lottery showed up in a yellow bear costume.

Another $40 million winner showed up dressed as a monkey.

What costume are you going with if you grab the $1.9 Billion? Are you keeping it secret from anyone?

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