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VOTE: Who Is Your Favorite Bull Morning Show Personality

Moote Kimmie Otis Election 22

Photo: iHeart Atlanta MKO

Election day is tomorrow... so we figured we'd have some fun with our New Bull Morning Show. CLICK to Vote for your fave Moote, Kimmie, or Otis.

We are so thankful to be welcomed into your homes and cars daily to have a little fun and share our lives with you. The past 6 months we've been together on The Bull have been amazing getting to know so many awesome Bull Family members and hear your outrageous, fun stories that make our day.

But today stir up the chemistry on the show and let you decided who, so far, is your Favorite show member from Moote, Kimmie, & Otis:

Otis was the first to strike with an attack ad against Kimmie and Moote. Hear it here:

Kimmie's rebuttal to Otis really hit hard on his harsh parenting and flatulence

Brian Moote labeled Kimmie a Thief and Otis for his "little spoon" politics. (coming Soon)

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