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Idiot Of The Day: Woman Calls 911 Over "Too Pink" BBQ

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Proving once again that you can't fix stupid... a NC woman called police after complaining to restaurant her Smoked BBQ was "Too pink".

Anyone from the South should know that when you smoke BBQ it comes out a pink color. Apparently one woman just got that lesson after being told by employee, managers, and even patrons of a Raleigh restaurant called Clyde Cooper’s BBQ.

The restaurant shared the wild complaint on Facebook saying, "Lady comes back and says her bbq isn't done, that it's pink. After explaining that's what happens when meat is smoked and even Googleing the fact, the woman was still irate saying "‘It's not done' and 'well you can cook it some more,'" the Facebook post continued. 

Patrons even tried explaining to the woman that she was not understanding that what she ordered was cooked and correct. The mangers even offered the woman some chicken to make her happy. The FB post read, "We give her the chicken,  and tell her she can keep her plate because there was nothing wrong with it, it was smoked bbq pork....Ten minutes after her receiving her chicken, the cops show up. We had no idea she called the cops because, again, there was no real issue, everything seemed fine, and we all had a good laugh about someone not being willing to listen to reason and teaching about the smoke process."


I wish we had a copy of that 911 call. What could she have possibly told the police to have them show up?! Of course, I'm sure it's not hard to have some cops show up to a BBQ joint for any minor infraction. You know, cause who doesn't crave some good Brisket.

The 314 comments are amazing on the post they shared with almost 1K like and almost 200 shares.

One commenter: "Did the cops get some BBQ while they were there? That actually works out good for them. They can respond to a call and get a great meal all at one time! "

Another said: "Holy Smoked Pig!! I hardly have the words! Take it from someone who absolutely, beyond the shadow of any doubt loves, loves, loves me some good barbecue......it’s never been any other color but pink! Oh my barbecued word! God bless y’all for having such a sense of humor because I would’ve lost my ever-loving pink mind!"

I think we can all appreciate a good MLK jr. quote here from another commenter: "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

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