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Thomas Rhett Griswold On Christmas Says, "You Can See Our House From Space"

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Georgia's Thomas Rhett has a new Christmas album "Merry Christmas Y'all" and claims he goes full Griswold on Christmas. "You can probably see our house from space".

Rhett is GA native from Valdosta and a great friend of the radio station. He just announced a massive "Home Team Tour" for 2023 with Cole Swindell. No Georgia dates where planned (because he hit it this summer) but Knoxville and Greenville, SC are fairly close dates.

TR talked with Moote, Kimmie and Otis about being a house divided when it come to the UGA Bulldogs and the Tennessee Vols. His wife Lauren went to Tennessee and Rhett said they never watch the game together. "She's not in the room so I can say 'Go Dawgs'. He mentioned how he was actually in Athens for the game this year with his Dad, Step dad and brother-in-laws. "My family got heckled the entire game, it was hilarious," he said because they are Vols fans too.

You may have caught the awesome performance at the CMA's with Katy Perry. There new collaboration is called "Where We Started" and Rhett said "Can I be honest with you, I don't remember the performance. Like sometimes when I get on stage I go into this zone, then I get off and I go 'did we do anything?'. The next thing you know your friends are like 'hey that was awesome!".

Rhett just put out a new Christmas EP called "Merry Christmas Y'all" with some amazing classics re-imagined. He said, "we went in a recorded it very, very big band style and made it timeless and classic."

Christmas is his families favorite time of year. Rhett said, "we love it so much. We literally put lights up the day of Halloween. I think if you could google image our home you could see it from space."

Track list for "Merry Christmas Y'all":

1. “Winter Wonderland”

2. “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

3. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

4. “It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas”

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