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Darwin Award: Tik Toker Dies While Dancing On Top Of Moving Truck

Truck On Interstate

Photo: Getty Images/5m3photos 890275700

Some people will do anything for a viral video... including risk their life in the dumbest way. #Video

"We haven’t had a case like this in quite some time," Houston Police Department spokesperson Jodi Silva said.

Houston, TX police report that a man was attempting to video himself dancing on top of a large semi-truck when he ended up falling from the vehicle into on coming traffic. He was rushed to the hospital but didn't make it.

Last Thursday is when the incident happened along the US-59 Eastex Freeway, Houston Public Media reported. The driver was unaware he was on the vehicle and was not impaired at the time, so no charges where filed. The 25-year-old man sustained multiple blunt force injuries when he was knocked off the 18-wheeler.

This is just pure ignorance. It's sad but hard to have a lot of sympathy when someone blatantly does something so dumb.

God bless his family who had to find out this is how he died. WHY?!

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