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Jeopardy Angers Fans With "Distasteful" Answer About Brian Laundrie

Jeopardy really lit a fire with fans over a reference to the Gabby Petito case. "Gross whoever frame those questions should be a shame of themselves." ~ fan comment

Brian Laundrie became nationally infamous for killing Gabby Petito and then himself while hiding out in the Florida nature preserve.. The story made headlines for months across the nation and was a tragic case of abuse and murder for a young couple.

Jeopardy writers were really stretching for a current reference when writing the clue for a catergoy called "The A list".

On Sunday's episode of 'Jeopardy!,' host Mayim Bialik read the clue "In 2021 Fugitive Brian Laundrie Ended His Days Florida's Myakkahatchee Creek Area, Home to These Long And Toothy Critters."

The answer was Alligators.

Fans of the show have called the clue "insensitive," "tasteless," and "unnecessary."

They could've had the same clue without the Laundrie reference which was really insensitive to Brian and Gabby's family. Both lost a child in a horrific way and probably wouldn't want it used as a goofy game show clue.

Search Continues For Brian Laundrie, Wanted In Connection With Death Of Gabby Petito

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Another fan wrote, "Don't forget, not only did some sicko have to write the clue, a team of writers had to come together to approve it. Then the producer had to approve it. And then the host, Mayim Bialik, had to read over it in the production meeting before the taping. Purge them all from the crew and start anew. My guess is that if Ken Jennings or Alex Trebek were involved, this wouldn't be happening. We need apologies NOW."

Too far? Or nah?

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