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Video: Child Gets Stuck Inside Mall Claw Machine

Close up of the doll claw machine of games arcade in shopping mall

Photo: Getty Images

How is this still happening? A 5-year-old climbed inside the game and couldn't get out.

 5-year-old Tay got frustrated with not being able to grab any toys with the Claw, so he took matters into his own hands... or full body. He climbed up the trap door to the game and inside to where the stuffed animals and toys were. He panicked when he couldn't get out.

It happened this past weekend at Northtown Mall in Blaine, Minnesota. Thankfully police and fire didn't need to be called, as in many cases. Tay's older brother Clay was able to coach him and help him get out of the machine.

Fox 9 from Minnesota shared the video of him trapped and it's gone viral.

This seems to happen almost yearly. I'm actually shocked that my own kids haven't pulled this off.

There are no shortage of videos on Youtube of this exact same thing. Have we not tried designing a machine that makes this impossible?

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