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Morgan Wallen Fans Already Struggling To Be On Pre-Sale "Verified Fan" List

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Ticketmaster dropped the ball with Taylor Swift on-sale, now it seem Morgan Wallen "verified fan" lists are causing similar issues.

Artists are trying to use different channels to allow "Real" fans to get their tickets and not a bunch of bots and ticket scalpers, but it seems the "verified fan" portal is turning real fans away and not accepting them either. It's making it even harder to actually just buy tickets to a show you wanna see.

With the high demand for tickets before they even hit the pre-sale market, Wallen added several more dates to his tour for double nights in many cities including Atlanta. Even so, my wife got denied as a "verified fan" AND I'M IN THE INDUSTRY! It seems she's not alone.

Morgan Wallen is trending on twitter and a lot of fans are feeling the anxiety of denial. One fan wrote, "For everyone that got waitlisted to Morgan Wallen: how does it feel knowing that either bots, someone that knows two of his songs, or someone that’s gonna sell tickets for $12,000 got a presale code and not you?…let’s cry together…"

Another non-"verified" fan, didn't even think Morgan himself could buy a ticket to his show. She tweeted, "Morgan Wallen probably couldn’t even get a presale code for his own shows even if he tried".

This meme just made me laugh about the whole debacle that is happening.

One fan is about to go "feral" as she put it. "IF YOU GOT A CODE SPEAK NOW. I NEED PROOF THAT SOMEONE GOT ONE BEFORE I GO FERAL Morgan Wallen, Ticketmaster, Verified Fan Presale"

More angry fans feed.

The GOOD NEWS IS.... WE'VE GOT THEM TO WIN! All day Wednesday is "Wallen Wednesday". Listen at :10 after from 8a-4p to get a keyword WIN!!

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