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Georgia Woman Sleeps With Her Pet Pig

Midsection Of Pig Sleeping On Bed

Photo: Getty Images

What's your bed situation like with animals? Kids? Stuffed animals?

A Stonyfield Organic survey found that Nearly 74% of Americans shared their bed with a pet. In my house, the dog basically picks his spot and then we work around him.

Alexis Waldron from Georgia is proud that she shares the bed with her  KuneKune-Juliana mix pig but admits that he "hogs" the covers. "I’m obsessed with her. She sleeps in bed with me a couple of nights a week," she told Fox News.

The 36-pound Petunia is basically like Alexis's baby. Waldron bought Petunia home at just 6 pounds but hopes she doesn't grow to the potential 300-lbs that is possible. She mainly an outside pig during the day but after bath she is a full on cuddler. Waldron has trained her for indoor saying, "She uses her litter box. I had to put her in a tiny space so all she had was a space to eat, a place to sleep and a place to poop."

She's a pillow thief according to her owner too but Waldon told Fox News, "She’s a lot warmer than a human body."

It turns out, sleeping with your pet has health benefits! Lower blood pressure, helps with depression and more:

This is my pup Charlee and how he sleeps in our bed

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