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Remembering The Victims Of Sandy Hook on the 10th Anniversary


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Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. One of the worst in American history because it was on innocent babies.

An unthinkable tragedy unfolded as an active shooter and evil human walked into Sandy Hook Elementary and opened fire on innocent kids. 20 precious children and 6 brave adults who were killed in a senseless act of violence that changed our country forever. President Obama was with the families of the victims at a tribute last night and called Dec. 14th, "the single darkest day in my presidency."

He tweeted about the tragic day saying, "The news from Sandy Hook Elementary was devastating, a visceral blow, and like so many others, I felt not just sorrow but anger at a world that could allow such things to happen."

The victims families have to relive this dark moment every year around the holidays and it just makes it even more sad. Those babies would be working their way through High School and getting their drivers license but instead were tragically taken from the world.

Senator JT Lewis paid tribute to his brother saying, "My brother Jesse is a hero. On December 14, 2012 a shooter entered his Sandy Hook Elementary School classroom. He fired shots and the gun jammed. In the interval Jesse yelled for his classmates to “run!” 9 ran. He saved 9 lives that day, but not his own. He was 6 years old."

It's important not just to think of how sad it was but remember the beautiful little lives that we never know what could've been.

Another victim of the shooting who actually survived penned a letter to younger self and his sister that he lost that day at school. Isaiah Marquez-Greene, now 18 years old, wrote "you can take comfort om the fact that even on the days your parents won't wanna get up. They will still get up for you." He reminded himself about being more than just a victim, "the Sandy Hook School shooting will save your life.... I won't lie. It will leave you lonely and won't ever stop hurting, however you will prevail."

This really sets the impact in deep from a person that lived it. I'm in tears listening to him talk about his life and sister. God bless him and his family.

Remember this names and the beautiful souls that left us too soon. Hard to believe it's been 10 years. It was a pain that was felt over an entire nation.

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