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Video: Horrific Accident On Tarmac At ATL Airport Sends Teen To Hospital


Photo: Getty Images

A teenage Delta Worker hit while working on the Hartsfield-Jackson tarmac is going to have a long recovery from injuries.

 Channel 2 Action News shared video of the accident involving an employee. Thankfully Camdyn Davis had non-life-threatening injurie after she was hit by a lavatory truck on the tarmac. Her mother, Chanelle Harris, wrote on a Go Fund Me that, “Despite being visible to airplanes in the sky, her orange vest and wands were somehow not visible to the driver" of the cart that hit her.

Davis suffered multiple broken bones in her face, a fractured skull and a serious concussion, according to her mother. “I would not wish this on any mother, and I thank God for keeping my baby girl with me,” Harris wrote. “I am a mother of four daughters and couldn’t imagine life without each of them.”


The incident happened this past weekend. On her Go Fund Me it reports, "Saturday, December 10 around 6PM, my daughter and second born was safely flagging an airplane in while working as a ramp agent for Delta Airlines at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. She was good at her job and did absolutely nothing to deserve this!"

So far they have raised almost $1,500 of the $100,000 goal for her long recovery and medical bills. CLICK if you'd like to contribute. Praying for a speedy recovery for her. Just so sad but glad she's gonna be ok.

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