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Video: "Sling Shot" Ride Snaps Sends Riders Into The Pole

Twin Bungee Fairground Ride

Photo: Getty Images

The ride that flings you in a ball hundreds of feet into the air, is not the one you want to #fail #Singshot

It was a terrifying moment for rider and spectators when the bungess snapped on a ride in Britian. @999Londong tweeted: "This is the moment the Slingshot ride at #WinterWonderland in Hyde Park snaps and crashes into a support beam with two men trapped inside the seating pod last night. The London Fire Brigade attended however the riders were freed by on-site staff." They shared the wild video.

It's like everyone's fear, small or large, when you get on the Sling Shot ride. That's the thrill of the adrenaline. "Will I die on this". No one ever thinks it will actually happen.

Thank God, no one was seriously injured in the event but Britain’s PA Media reported that another couple next in line told the news agency that she and her husband were contemplating taking a ride, but decided against it after seeing this. I'm sure it was closed down pretty quick too.

“There were so many rides there and this particular ride had quite a few people queuing outside of it,” Becky Littlewood, who took the video, said in the interview. “I really wanted to go on it. But my husband looked at me and he said ‘No, you’re not going on that, it doesn’t look very safe.’ And then, just as we were walking off, we heard this massive bang.”

So scary!

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