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Video: Outdoor Wedding Interrupted By A Bear Mauling A Moose

Growling grizzly bear

Photo: Getty Images

Everyone hopes their wedding day will go off without a hitch but they never do. However, no one really expects a full bloody slaughter to happen during their big day.

One happy couple had planned the perfect day to exchange their vows in the wilderness at Two Medicine Lake in Glacier National Park in Montana, U.S. What happened next no one could've predicted. Filmographer Stanton Giles was filming from the shore of the nearby lake, when a Bear and a Moose got into a full bloody brawl that ended in the moose being dinner.

The groom was finishing up his vows to his bride to be when the entire wedding party was aghast at what was happening just across the lake.

Giles said it was one of the wildest moments he's had in his career that he actually caught on film. He shared the full video on his Youtube channel which has since garnered millions of views because of the shocking moment.

I'm not sure if I'd take this as a bad sign of things to come or maybe just a freak moment in nature.

(Source: PetPixel)

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