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Young Boys Raise Over $1,800 For A Monroe, GA Gas Station Clerk's Car

Declining Gas Prices Help To Ease Inflation

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Mr. William Scott at Smiley's in Monroe was speechless and in tears with the surprise from his favorite little customers.

Gage and Talmadge Masiello are young brothers in Monroe, GA who grab a snack everyday at the local gas station and have developed quite a friendship with the 72-year-old attendant. When they noticed his car was in bad shape, the windows didn't roll up, and more, they decided to secretly raise money to help him get it fixed. They wanted him to be safe and warm in the winter months and for the holiday.

They asked for the local communities help, as well as their parents. They were able to present him with over $1,000 before Christmas and their mother, Lindsey Masiello, filmed it. Mr. Scott was speechless and in tears over the boys generosity. She said of Scott to 11 Alive, "He is such a blessing in our lives and he has taught my kids so much about life at such a young age without him even realizing what he does for them."

"He is the nicest man ever. He really puts a kick on my day and makes me happy," 8-year-old Gage told 11 Alive. They have a comradery with Mr. Scott and he shares wisdom with them when they stop in.

One piece of advice that stuck with the boys that was given to them by Mr. Scott was "The ups take care of themselves, it's how you treat your downs that matters." That's why they wanted to find a way to help him out in a time of need even though he never asked for help or even talked about it being a rough time. The boys have even added another $800 to the $1K they gave him for Christmas, which they plan on presenting soon.

That's an amazing good story! Love it! Raising those boys right Mrs. Masiello.

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