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VIDEO: Tornadoes Touch Down in Parts Of Southern Atlanta

Storm Damage, Tree Splits a Roof

Photo: Getty Images

Bad storms made their way across Alabama and most of Georgia today and tornadoes caused wild damage.

This is the same storm front that caused a lot of damage as it rolled through Alabama earlier in the day and people caught this massive funnel on video. Atlanta News First shared it writing, "WOW! A large tornado damaged homes and uprooted trees in Alabama Thursday as a powerful storm system pushed through the South. The @nws in Birmingham said a “large and extremely dangerous tornado” caused damage as it moved through Selma."

Several video are hitting the internet that show how quick and dangerous the storms were that rolled through Georgia this afternoon. Storm forecasters warned of 50mph+ winds, and heavy rain. One time lapse from downtown Atlanta is pretty awesome to watch.

One Fox 5 viewer caught a spinning funnel while trying to make it home in traffic on I-85 this afternoon near Atlanta.

Griffin, GA seems to be the hardest hit as Fox 5 reported tornados touching down in several areas. It caused a lot of damage with downed trees and destroyed buisnesses in the area.

One person tweeted this photo fomr the local Hobby Lobby that was destroyed in the storm.

This storm photos show cars flipped and gas station over hangs ripped to shreds.

Other parts of Georgia were hit with some tree damage in areas that caused houses to crumble and tree limbs to crash through a roof.

This was another video from Alabama that caught the tornado in action.

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