Medical Marijuana In Georgia

A new law permitting the production and distribution of marijuana for medical purposes passed in the final hours of the Georgia General Assembly on Tuesday night, and Gov. Brian Kemp has indicated he would sign the bill. House Bill 324 revises a law passed in 2015 that allowed the use of THC cannabis oil but DID NOT allow for the production of the oil within the state. Now, that loophole has been closed, and Georgia is joining 33 other states, including Washington DC, to legalize medical marijuana, according to the National Council of State Legislatures.

The bill also sets up a commission that would oversee the industry and licensing of private companies that produce the oil. It would also license pharmacies and companies to sell the THC cannabis oil to patients. The bill does not legalize the overall use of recreational marijuana in Georgia. The bill passed by an overwhelming majority in the House Tuesday night, 147 to 16.

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