Meanwhile In Florida...A Man Eats Spaghetti, Drunk and Shirtless

Meanwhile In Florida...Ben Padgett was arrested in Naples at Olive Garden. Padgett was reportedly drunk, shirtless and eating other people's spaghetti. Padgett allegedly came into Olive Garden and caused a disturbance. According to the police, Padgett was asking people for money as they walked up to the door. He then threatened a restaurant employee who asked him to stop, saying "I could beat your a**." When the employee went back inside to call the police, Padgett followed him in and asked the employee, loudly, what kind of genitals he has. After police arrested Padgett and helped him get into the back of a police car, Padgett started smashing his forehead onto the metal cage of the car's partition. 

Padgett was charged with disorderly intoxication and resisting an officer without violence. 

Photo: Naples Jail Center

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