Man Catches a Giant Shark

Elliot Sudal set out Sunday morning to Boca Grande pass, a spot notorious for giant sharks. This time of year it’s loaded with tarpon, which they feed on. I had a cooler full of fresh Bonita and we got up there and set some baits. 25 hours go by... not one bite.

"We’re incredibly exhausted and frustrated, my thoughts were I had somehow left some soap in my cooler and it ruined my baits. We leave and head back to Sanibel, but pull up by a sandbar to jump in and wash off, get on solid ground for a second. I had one Bonita left that had already been soaking for 12 hours, figured what the heck why not and floated it off by the pass. Five minutes later, it gets smoked. It was the heaviest, most consistently unstoppable run of my life, not even slowing down at full drag. After about five hours being dragged around many miles, attempting to slow it down, we return to the sandbar. It was a male tiger shark, 13 feet 2 inches in length with a girth measurement of 81”."

The weight calculations put that at around 1100 pounds! Unreal experience, largest shark Sudal ever caught!

Spencer & Kristen

Spencer & Kristen

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