Classmates Help Colorblind Student Keep Her Career

Savannah Allen has been color blind her entire life. It’s just something that she learned to cope with as a child. “I have a good memory; I would just remember what color things are, like the fact that the sky is blue.” Allen has always wanted to be a health care provider and was excited when she was accepted into the dental hygiene program at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College.

When her instructor realized Allen could not distinguish the different colors she raised concerns about whether a future in dental hygiene would be possible. Being able to properly view a patient’s teeth and gums to look for indications of decay or disease is an important part of the role as a hygienist. When Allen was faced with the possibility of leaving the program, her classmates stepped up. Four of her fellow classmates researched treatment options for people who are color blind and started a GoFundMe to raise money for special glasses that could help Allen see color.

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