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Dennis Rodman Accused Of Slapping Man At Party In Florida

Dennis Rodman Visits The FOX Business Network

Dennis Rodman allegedly slapped a man at his own birthday party in Florida last week ... and cops say the key witness in the case is DAVID LEE ROTH!!!

... unfortunately, it's just not THAT David Lee Roth. 

It's all spelled out in the police report in which the Delray Beach Police Dept. describe an alleged battery at the Buddha Sky Bar. 

The alleged victim says he was hanging out when Dennis "unprovokedly turned around and smacked him," right in the face. He claims that Rodman immediately began apologizing for the incident and invited him out to dinner the following night in an attempted peace offering.But he said he was really hurt and went to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a left corneal abrasion. He went to the cops the day after the incident and filed a report. 

Cops launched an investigation and called up a witness named David Lee Roth -- who, shockingly, is NOT the Van Halen singer. Still, cops say Davide Lee Roth corroborated the victim’s story. 

Rodman’s attorney denies it ever happened and says there are no witnesses that saw the alleged slap take place.

Wait a second…do you smell that…yep…that’s the smell of a lawsuit!

Photo: Getty Images

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