This Kid Gets Two Titles: Best Friend and HERO

We have a local hero in Gainesville and he’s only 13 years-old. Kaleb Reeves is his name.You may have heard over the holiday weekend that Kaleb dove into a pool to rescue his best friend Nick Williams who was pushed into the water. Kaleb knew that Nick didn’t know how to swim.

That’s when Kaleb took action.

One of the mothers at the party started CPR.Nick was then rushed to Scottish Rite where he spent a couple of days. But great news…Nick was released yesterday morning! Nick’s family is calling Kaleb their guardian angel. Kaleb’s mom says that’s just who her son is and that he would do it for anyone because he’s got a great big heart.

Way to go, Kaleb! We're proud of you!

Photo: April Reeves

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