Spencer Graves Shut Down a Verbally Abusive Man At The Braves Game

I saw a man launch on his wife and couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was at a Braves game when I saw a woman, in her mid fifties, walking with a young man with special needs. Then, a man went running up to her and cussed her out! "How dare you f@&#ing run from me! I was getting directions and you f@&#ing didn't stay with me! You're f@&#ing insane!" I continued to watch and listen, to give this guy a chance to cool down. When he didn't, I decided to intervene. "Knock it off!" I said. "Don't tell me what to do! This is MY wife!" That statement enraged me. Sure, you might be married but she is FAR from yours. Acting like she's some form of your property and if it you just mean it in the way of the relationship, I wouldn't talk that way to MY mom, much less MY wife. I ended it with him by saying "if you don't know the way to calm down, I'll teach you."

My biggest fear was that he would turn it on her after, "Look what you made that man do! How dare you embarrass me like that in public!" I'm truly conflicted but will always side with it being morally right!

Spencer & Kristen

Spencer & Kristen

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