Local Hero Climbs Out Of Drive-Thru To Save Child


As we all know, a Chick fil-A drive thru can be a hectic situation. Not for Logan Simmons. He works at the Chick-fil-A in Flowery Branch. He's experienced in staying cool, calm and collected. And that level-headedness made him a hero.

A car pulled up to the window and requested something he’d never heard before. The woman was pleading for his help. Her son was in the backseat…and he couldn’t breathe.

Logan didn’t hesitate. He immediately climbed through the drive-thru window. Then went to the child’s side of the car. He opened the door and realized that somehow the little boy had gotten his seat belt tangled around his neck. The child was panicked…and couldn’t get any air. Logan just happened to be carrying a pocket knife which he used to cut him free. He prevented a possible tragedy.

Way to go, Logan! Hopefully, he'll be able to either get a day off (besides Sunday) or a little promotion with a raise!

Photo: Getty Images Video: WSB

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