UGA Ranks As College Footballs Top Mascot...AGAIN

UGA X, also known as "Que," is college footballs top mascot...AGAIN! This is according to Sports Illustrated. In 1997, UGA V graced the cover and the coveted honor has been awarded to Georgia several times. UGA X took over the reins in 2015. Here's a look at the lineage of UGA:

Uga I, 1956-66 -Made his first appearance in the 1956 home opener. He hid in the Sanford Stadium hedges before there was a dog house.

Uga II, 1966-72 -During his reign, Georgia played in five bowl games and won two SEC championships. 

Uga III, 1972-80 -Appeared in six bowl games in nine years and closed out his career with Georgia's 1980 national championship.

Uga IV, 1981-89 -The first Georgia mascot to attend a bowl game every year of his service. 

Uga V, 1990-99 -Appeared on 1997 Sports Illustrated cover declaring him the nation's best college mascot. 

Uga VI, 1999-2008 -He reigned over more games (114) than any other mascot.

Uga VII, 2008-2009 -Reigned for one full season, that ended with a 24-12 win at the Capital One Bowl in Orlando.

Uga VIII, 2010-2011 -Served just six games before missing the bowl game after a diagnosis of lymphoma. 

Uga IX, 2012-2015 -"Russ," the half-brother of Uga VII, served a full season with interim status until promoted in 2012. 

Uga X, 2015-present -Known as "Que," he officially took over reins on Nov. 21, 2015.

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