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Bartow County School Custodian Earns His GED

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We love Good News! We especially love when Good News is live and local!

Big shout out to Herbert Perkinson. He’s a Bartow County school custodian at Woodland Middle School in Euharlee. He also just earned his GED.

After a 40 year career as a truck driver, “Mister Herbert”, as he is known, landed the job at Woodland Middle. Shortly after he arrived, he had a goal to be named the school’s head custodian.But there was a job requirement that he didn’t have – a high school diploma. So with the guidance of principal Michael Blankenship, Herbert spent all summer studying.

He did it! He earned his GED.

He also earned a surprise party at the school yesterday. He got a standing ovation, and a standing job offer when the head custodian position comes open. A school district spokesperson says next school year, the head custodian job is Perkinson's.

Herbert hopes the students are paying attention. He says they tell him thanks for keeping the classrooms so clean for them. He wants the students at Woodland to know that it’s never too late to learn, even at the age of 81.

He had another reason to celebrate yesterday: his wedding anniversary. He and wife Lenora have been married 20 years.

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