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First Date At Denny's Goes Horribly Awry

Emergency lights at night

A Florida man took the old dine-and-dash gambit to a whole new level by treating his first date to a high-speed police chase on the way out of a Denny's.

The man, whose identity has not been released, had a pleasant meal with his date. Maybe they dined on a little Moons Over My Hammy. Or maybe it was the Grand Slamwich. OR…maybe they were keeping it healthy with the Hearty 9 Grain Pancake Breakfast.Goodness. It all sounds heavenly, but back to the story – this first date was going incredibly well - until they hit the road, where he hit 100 miles per hour.

Several patrol cars gave chase when they saw the guy driving erratically, and that REALLY made him put the pedal to the metal. That’s about the time he let her know that he wasn’t going to stop because he didn't have a valid license and he didn’t want to get arrested.

Officers managed to put down spikes to disable the vehicle, but when it stopped, the man fled into the woods, leaving the baffled woman to face down armed troopers all by herself.

The suspect, thought to be from the Orlando area, has not yet been apprehended.

Side note here Ladies, no matter how horrible your blind date goes this weekend, think about this poor woman.It could always be worse, right?

Photos: Getty Images

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