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Middle School Football Players Lend Elderly Woman A Helping Hand

Football players at line of scrimmage ready to snap football

Awwwww.This story ties so many things together.Back to school, football…and of course, kindness.

A group of middle school football players were caught in the act …but it was a wonderful act… of helping an elderly woman navigate a busy road in her wheelchair.

The boys saw her struggling to get her wheelchair down the grassy path before a parade since there were no sidewalks for her to use.

I mean think about that for a second.It’s so simple.There was a woman in need.And there was a group of middle school football players.She needed help.And they stepped right up to do the right thing.Don’t believe everything you hear about teenagers, football players or that we live in a callous and unkind world.Because kindness is happening every single second of every single day.

The act of kindness was recognized by Alliance Middle School in Ohio, where the kids are students. The school gave them a shout out on Facebook, posting, “They chose to offer their help without being asked and showed what a caring citizen truly is.”

So that just leaves one question.What will you do to show a little kindness today…tomorrow and every day?

Photo: Getty Images

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