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A Nasty Note Results In Amazing Acts of Kindness

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This is a story about how one very nasty note can bring out the very best in humanity. For Randa Ragland, it all started with a letter in the mail. No return address. No name.Just words. At one point, the sender wrote…

"Your eyesore is affecting the resale value of OUR homes and you need to do better."

Prior to receiving the nasty letter last month, Randa Ragland and her family had been facing a variety of tough challenges. Her husband had lost his job; she had been diagnosed with some health issues; but ultimately, her 3-year-old son Jaxen—who is autistic and nonverbal—had been diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma just before his birthday.

She posted a photo of the note on Facebook as a means of encouraging her friends to have patience with their own neighbors because we never know what people might be going through in life.

The post was shared by dozens of people and the very next day, a team of lawn care service members showed up to take care of her grass. Dozens of volunteers brought chainsaws to clear away tree debris. People even brought groceries and others tidied up the house. A Facebook group was formed dedicated to continue to help Randa and her family. Many of these people, she had never even met.

“I’m in amazement. I’m still in shock,” Randa said. “I don’t have a large family. My mom is gone, my dad is gone, my brother is gone, so this means a lot.”

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