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8 Year-Old Boy's Act Of Kindness Makes The Biggest Difference

Well…this just may be one of my most favorite “good news” stories of all time.It’s all about a simple gesture of kindness. And if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times – acts of kindness often come from a small child. And if we pay attention, these kids just may teach us something.

Eight year-old Christian Moore was headed into his first day of school when he saw another boy curled up in a ball and crying by an outside corner of the school. Christian didn’t even hesitate as he immediately approached the boy to console him. Once the bell started ringing, Christian took his new friend’s hand and walked him inside.

But here’s what Christian didn’t know. The little boy whose name is Connor is also eight years-old. And Connor has autism.

Christian’s mom was so touched at her son’s small act of kindness towards his classmate, she snapped a picture. And to no surprise, it has been shared thousands and thousands of times. She says the two now have an inseparable bond.

Christian and Connor’s moms are hoping that by the story going viral, others will be inspired to be kind to others.

One act of kindness. That’s all it takes to change someone’s life. And think about this – one act of kindness could actually change the world. That’s all it takes.

Just one small act of kindness.

Photo: Getty Images

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