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Man Takes Sexy Pictures of Himself For Girlfriend

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Facebook has fallen in love with Michael Oonk.

He recently posted a series of pics that got 425,000 people drooling.

The photos were a bunch of selfies featuring Michael doing such chores as vacuuming the living room and doing the dishes.

He shared the pictures with the caption : “How to send sexy pictures to your lady.”

Since then, women have been telling his girlfriend what a lucky person she is to have such a nice BF.

Some called it foreplay. However…I’m going to call it CHOREPLAY! But it doesn’t really matter whatever label you want to put on it.I t seems like the universe thinks it’s HAWWWT!

Michael said it was a Friday night and the house was a mess. His girlfriend, Laine was volunteering at a women’s shelter for domestic violence. Laine is actually a domestic violence survivor. Michael wasn’t allowed to go with her because the shelter is for women only. Michael said, “the house wasn’t in great shape so I thought I would clean it top to bottom, it was the least I could do. But I also got the idea to put it on Facebook because I thought it would be funny.” We agree!

Photo: Getty Images

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