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Spencer and Kristen Made a CMA Award Drinking Game

Man drinking pint of beer

The CMA Awards are always so fun to watch! But we thought you could "up" the fun factor by watching for a few things that we see every year!

Grab some friends (and a designated driver) and get ready to toast...ALL NIGHT!


Every time Dolly Giggles…take a drink.

Every time Carrie has a wardrobe change…take a drink.

Every time women in country is referenced…take a drink.

Every time a winner thanks God…take a drink.

Every time Keith Urban is singing in the audience to a performance…take a drink.

If Brad Paisley makes a cameo…FINISH YOUR DRINK!!!

Disclaimer: Spencer and Kristen are not responsible for any headaches, hangovers, missed work or non-productivity. Do not operate heavy machinery. Do not drive. And for the love of God...DO NOT TEXT YOUR EX. Enjoy responsibly.

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