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I Was Scared I Would Get The Stomach Flu. You Suggested I Try This...

Bunch of Cabernet grapes

I got a call from my son, Cooper last week at 5 AM.

"Mom, my stomach is killing me and I just got sick."

Uh-oh. I thought he probably had a stomach virus. Maybe a 12-hour bug or something. I rushed home with Gatorade, wrapped a handkerchief around my face and opened the door to his bedroom. You could cut those germs with a knife. He was so sick. I wanted to love on him, but I didn't want to touch him. Just like you, I can't get sick! I can't miss work! I have too much to do!

I closed the door to his bedroom and immediately washed my hands. It was the first hand-washing of about a hundred that day and night. Washing hands and spraying Lysol - that became my life mission for the remainder of the day. At the twelve-hour mark, I thought he would start to feel better. NOPE. He spiked a fever and couldn't keep any food down. At this point, I was rubbing his achy legs and running my fingers through his hair. Basically, anything to help. We're moms, right? You can't take care of your child from ten feet away. So, I was in for the long haul. And I knew I was probably going to get this crud.

The next day, he was diagnosed with the flu. Our CNP joked that we needed to put him in his room and slide meals under the door because this kid was contagious. I kept thinking Oh Lord, I'm going to get sick. This is going to happen. But it wasn't me. His dad texted at 2 AM that night saying he had it. Man down! Second man down! I rushed to the store the next morning and bought more Gatorade, Tylenol and Saltine Crackers.

I was sharing the experience on Instagram and started getting a ton of messages from listeners. All of them said to drink grape juice. Many said to make sure it was 100% grape juice. Another said to take a shot of it every single day. One person said to drink 8 ounces of Welch's purple grape juice twice a day. Another person said drink grape juice and elderberry.

I did a little bit of research and basically the experts say that although grape juice is a great anti-oxidant, which keep our cells healthy, it's not a proven method to prevent or get ride of the stomach flu if you already have it. But gosh, it was worth the try, right?

BOTTOMS UP, Y'ALL!!!! So far...so good. Prayers and fingers crossed!

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