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Kristen Gates Wears These Shirts All The Time. Here's Why...

I am thankful for all of the blessings this job has created for me. The biggest blessing of all is the people I've gotten to meet. But in all of my years, I can't think of a family that has made such an impact on me. I want to introduce you to Jordyn and her incredible family.

Jordan has autism. Her family created Jordyn's Summer Shirt Program with the purpose of teaching her job skills that would benefit her after high school graduation. Each shirt simply states, "Be Kind To Everyone." It's a great message. It reminds us all to show compassion to all people. Simply be kind.

They asked a few family and friends to take pictures wearing the shirts and post them to social media - just a great message to share. That was all. Little did they know, this project was going to become massive.

With each purchase, Jordyn rolls the shirt. She then places a wristband around it and signs a thank you card.

It started out as a small project but has now spread kindness all over the country! Shirts have been purchased from every state in the USA! This small family project has turned into a huge kindness movement. It's incredible how many people ask about the shirt EVERY SINGLE TIME I WEAR IT. I wear my shirts all of the time because it's a great conversation starter. It gives me the opportunity to tell people about Jordyn and her wonderful family and this message.

The project has expanded with more items including pencils, hoodies, travel mugs, bag tags, decals and more. I give them as gifts all of the time.

Each of these products gives Jordyn the opportunity to learn a new skill.

Find out more on their website: https://bekindtoeveryone.com/

Photos: Jackie Moore

Jordyn has autism. We created the shirt project with the purpose of teaching her job skills. With each purchase she rolls the shirt, adds a wristband and signs a thank you card. It started out as small project but has now spread kindness across the country. Shirts have been ordered from all 50 states. 

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