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Man Loses 150 Pounds On Disneyland Diet

2013 Walt Disney World Marathon

Here’s the deal.There is no “right” or “wrong” way to lose weight. I think we ALL know by now that what works for one person, may not work for another. I support any step a person will take to get healthy.

Mark Gautier was in serious danger. He had been brought back from the dead three times. His weight was out of control and his doctor told him he needed to get it under control, or he wasn’t going to live. At 400 pounds, Mark had slipped into diabetic shock and his kidneys were shutting down due to years of failing health.

Thank God Mark had Vanessa in his life. At the time, she was his girlfriend. Now, she’s his wife. Vanessa suggested that the two go to Disneyland. Her plan was to help him lose weight be walking around the “Happiest Place On Earth.”

They bought annual passes and started going to the theme park on a daily basis. The strategy was to walk around Disneyland, walk through the stores, get a snack and sit down for a bit. Every visit they would walk, ride an attraction or catch a show or parade. They were allowed to eat whatever they wanted, but they would share meals. It all came down to portion control. They started with small walks. Then the goal was a mile. Then three miles. Eventually, they were walking seven miles per day.

It took about five years, but Mark eventually lost 150 pounds on his Disneyland Diet. He looks at his weight-loss journey as a marathon and his many trips around Disneyland as his victory lap.

Here’s where the story gets even better! Mark now works at Disneyland after falling in love with it during his long health journey. He is also working on his bachelor’s degree through a program that offrers free tuition to its employees. The goal is to complete his bachelor’s degree and then get his master’s degree. He’s studying graphic design with the hopes to one day work as an artist in the Disney Imagineering program.

Mark says that the entire journey has been a blessing.

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