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One Word Used In Almost 400 Complaints About Super Bowl Halftime Show


Jennifer Lopez and Shakira proved to be too hot for TV for more than 1300 viewers -- who flooded the FCC with complaints about the duo's sexy Super Bowl Halftime Show earlier this month.

In a search of complaint documents, the word “crotch” was mentioned 391 times.But the one state that wasn’t mad about the “crotch” sightings was Vermont.The state that filed the most complaints was Texas – there were 140 of them.

According to TMZ, one viewer from Indiana wrote, "Completely inappropriate half time-show with simulated orgies, stripping, and borderline pornography. This is a family event during prime time and should never have happened."

Another hater said the show was "beyond inappropriate," because of "Shakira laying on her side gyrating like sex" and J. Lo "bending over to expose her butt crack."

One thing is for sure, these 1300 complaints don’t hold a candle to the number of people offended after Janet Jackson’s breast was exposed at Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004. That performance drew more than half a million angry viewers.

Considering that 103 million people watched the halftime performance, 1300 complaints doesn't seem so bad.

Photo: Getty Images

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