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Airlines Contemplating Removing Middle Seat

When this quarantine is over, what you may need is a LONNNNNNG, relaxing vacation!

As far as relaxing, that could start on a plane. Some airlines have contemplated social distancing in the sky by removing the middle seat!

Think about that! What a sweet unintended consequence. A deadly virus could actually make your travel and vacation more enjoyable. An airline executive recently confirmed,

“We would basically be blocking a third of the airplanes. A 180-seater would become a 120-seater.”

The drawback might be significantly more expensive tickets to fly. Although another executive countered,

“Airlines are heavily in the red and desperately need passengers to come back, which could put downward pressure on prices.

But without a middle seat on the airplanes, where are the gross, creepy guys supposed to sit? Of course, parents may still want to purchase the middle seat to place their young child between them.

Photo: Getty Images

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