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Marine Vet Is Running Through Georgia To Pay People's Bills

Marine Corp Veteran Russell Larkins is on a mission to run across America. This war veteran started his run in Wilmington, North Carolina on April 28th. His finish line -San Francisco.

Why is he running over 3,000 miles during a pandemic?

It’s pretty simple…he felt a calling to help raise money for families that can’t pay their bills right now.

Larkins made his way to Augusta, Georgia on Monday night. He was met by some of his supporters who booked a room for him.It was seven days since he slept in a bed.

Larkins says his run is in support of Team Rubicon, The Gary Sinise Foundation, and the Semper Fi Fund.

As he continues on to run more than 50 miles a day, he pushes through every obstacle from carrying a stroller to challenging people to do more.

“Motivate people to get up and stop watching Hulu or Netflix . Wake up a little early and figure out what your dreams are. If I can figure out how to run across America, you can figure out something you want to do.”

If you’d like to support Russell’s run across America, you can visit his Go Fund Me by clicking HERE. There is also a Facebook fundraiser donation link. See below...

Photo: Facebook

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