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The Strange Reasons Why Some People Got A Divorce

People get divorced for all sorts of reasons, whether it’s that they’ve simply fallen out of love with someone, or maybe caught them cheating. But there are some folks who get divorced for really strange reasons, and now people are spilling the beans on some of the oddest reasons. According to Buzzfeed there are some REALLY crazy reasons why people pull the plug on their marriages. Warning – some of these are CRAZY.

They include:

“I deal with a lot of divorces at work. I once reviewed a complaint for divorce because the wife always left poop stains in the toilet."

"One of our consults came in because his wife had been proposed to by one of those online scam people posing as the Prince of Turkey or something. She fell for it and was going to give him $45,000 and move to Turkey to marry him."

"My client divorced her husband because he insisted on bringing his mother on their honeymoon. The reason? Because his mother was STILL breastfeeding him. Yes, the husband, a grown man, was still breastfeeding."

"One of my coworkers has been married seven times. One time she divorced a guy because he was 'too good-looking' and she couldn't trust him. Another time she divorced a man because he came home with the wrong brand of hotdogs that she told him to buy.”

"My friend's sister was a strict vegetarian. One night her husband gave her fish and meat, but she thought it was a meat substitute. When she found out it was real meat, she divorced him."

"My friend divorced her husband because she read his text messages and saw that he was talking crap about her dogs to his friends. Her DOGS."

"My mom told me that the breaking point of her marriage was when she found out my dad spent $65 a week at Starbucks."

"I knew a couple who got divorced after the wife walked in on her husband who was rubbing poop from their baby's diaper all over his body..."

"I had a client file for divorce because every morning his wife would ask him how he takes his coffee. EVERY morning for seven years."

"My cousin divorced his wife because, after his wife's father murdered two people in a robbery-gone-wrong, she defended him and harassed the victim's family over Facebook."

What is the strangest reason you’ve ever heard for someone getting divorced? Can you beat any of these? Sheesh!

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