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Kristen Lists 57 Reasons Why She Won't Date Spencer

Spencer and I are often asked why we're not dating. When I say often, I mean EVERY SINGLE DAY.

We got a phone call from Bonnie who again asked,

"When will the day come that the two of you tell everybody that you're dating?"

I said there were 757,000 reasons. We all had a good laugh. I was then challenged to come up with just 57 reasons. So I did. But it's important to point out that some of these reasons are MY issues. No finger pointing. No shots fired. Just my perception.

We have a ton of fun on the morning show. We make each other laugh. We comfort each other when needed. We know each other incredibly well. Sounds like a great basis for a relationship. OR, It means we're great co-workers! Here's my list...

·I don’t date co-workers.

·Spencer is like my step-brother.

·I turn to my faith first ALWAYS…no questions. Spence still has some questions.

·I think I need to date somebody who is also a parent.

·Spencer and I are both Type A. Made that mistake once. NEVER AGAIN

·I would never date somebody who does the same thing I do for a living. Need variety.

·Spencer has crappy hours / So do I.

·I love hibachi…but Spencer eats there so much…I would end up hating it. And I don’t want to hate it.

·I’ve seen some of the women Spencer has dated…that ain’t me. (No disrespect intended.)

·I’m passive about a lot of things that Spencer is still really invested in. (Also age difference)

·Spencer spends his money. I save mine.(Nothing wrong with either…but big difference.)

·My children will always come first. That’s hard for significant others (when you’re dating after divorce)

·I’m a rule follower. Spencer is not.

·I like smelly good men. Cologne. Spencer doesn’t wear that stuff.

·I’m a mind-my-business in the corner girl. Spencer is an “announce to the room” he’s here guy.

·The belly stretch is a real buzzkill for me. If you follow us on Instagram, you know what I’m talking about here.

·Our vacation goals are completely different.

·Our cleaning habits are completely different.

·While I like beards…I don’t find thick-disheveled beards attractive.

·I think admitting fault at times is difficult for Spencer. I apologize for everything. That would become a problem.

·I have no desire to ride in Spencer’s fancy sports car. Scares me. That would bum him out.

·I also have no desire to ride on the back of a Harley. That would also bum Spencer out.

·Spencer likes to solve people’s problems…even when they don’t ask. Makes me uncomfy.

·Spencer makes mouth noises when he eats. That’s my biggest pet peeve.

·I need to live in organization and structure. That’s not Spencer

·Spencer is a last word getter. That’s tough sometimes.

·Spencer is on his phone at every meal. That’s a no-no for me.

·Spence dogged my birthday gift to him and then gave me last minute grocery store flowers for my birthday. Hahahaha!

·Spencer is a smidge cheap. I’m an over-payer.

·Spencer wants someone to conform to his daily rituals. I don’t conform – my schedule is crazy.

·Spencer make decisions for us without consulting me. He would argue I do the same. Neither of us like it.

·Spencer suffers from FOMO. I live in KMOOI. (Keep Me Out Of It)

·I’m a homebody. Spencer doesn’t like to stay home.

·I love alone time. Spencer dislikes being alone.

·Spencer has a fear of vulnerability. I see being vulnerable as freedom.

·I’ve never dated anybody younger than me. Spence is almost 9 years younger.

·I’m too opinionated. Spencer hates when he can’t change my mind.

·The man has no filter…it often makes me cringe.

·Spencer is almost 38 and has never been married. Could there be a pattern here?

·Spencer wants answers and closure on everything on his timeline. I like to let stuff breathe.

·I’ve become super mellow about life. Spencer is the exact opposite of that.

·We have zero in common when it comes to television watching.

·We would fight over hats. I like his. He likes mine. We’ll end up in a squabble when we both want to wear the same hat.

·Spencer has commitment issues. I also have commitment issues.

·I can’t stand the way Spencer says Las Vegas. If you listen, you’ve heard it.

·Spencer jokes that I always wear yoga pants. My yoga pants are THE staple of my life.

·Spencer is always early. I’m ALWAYS late.

·Spencer needs constant affirmation…I do better with criticism.

·I don’t think Spencer trims his toenails very often. Bleh.

·Spencer wins every bet we make and that irritates me.

·Spencer likes women in high heels or pumps. I haven’t worn a heel in three years.

·Spencer isn’t a warm/fuzzy. I’m warm, fuzzy, sappy…etc.

·Spencer needs to be needed. I think that’s a common trait for most men. I don’t need anybody. Want…sure. But not need.

·Spencer gives my children really BAD advice that I completely disagree with – Told my son that he would take him to get a tattoo. WHAT?!?!?!?!

·I’m a walking medical chart that I’m not sure I want to burden anybody with – no matter who. It would be selfish.

·Spencer dated a good friend of mine…and I won’t date a friend’s ex.

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