And You Thought You Could Stuff A Ton Of Food In Your Mouth...

I have watched this video dozens of times. First it made me laugh. Then I had to watch a few times to see just exactly how he's able to make all three of these peanuts fit into his mouth. Then I started thinking back to all of the times I've stuffed WAY too much food in my mouth. Finally, I found myself making up funny captions for it.

  • When you're training for the next hot dog eating competition.
  • Me sneaking candy when I've told my kids they can't have any.
  • When the sign says "All You Can Stuff On Your Plate."
  • Me after I had my wisdom teeth removed.

Nonetheless, it's nice to watch something and smile. Everything and everybody seems so stressed and enraged most of the time. Nice to see this little guy just stuffing his face!

Photo: Getty Images