Lacking Creativity For Valentine's Date Ideas? Here Ya Go...

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and if I know you – and I think I do – you probably have ZERO ideas. I think that’s why so many of us stink at giving Valentine’s Day gifts. And it’s even harder this year because of the pandemic. It won’t be as easy as calling your favorite restaurant at the last minute and begging them to squeeze you in for a reservation. This year you’re going to have to be REALLY creative – and that takes us back to square one – no creative ideas. Never fear! Your romantic Valentine’s Day date idea is as easy as watching a great romantic comedy and re-creating it. It’ll take a little bit of planning on your part, but your Boo-Thang is going to love it!

Thanks to Bustle, you’ve got some great suggestions below!

  • Peruse a bookstore - Take a page from “You’ve Got Mail” and stroll through the stacks of a local bookstore with your partner. Read the back covers, find your favorite titles and exchange them as gifts.
  • Do a wine tasting - The movie “Sideways” is full of wine and if you can’t get out to a winery, DIY a tasting at home. Sip different bottles with your S.O. while you make intelligent comments about the notes and body of the wine, even if you have no idea what you’re talking about. And don’t forget the cheese board to go with it.
  • Learn a TikTok dance - No one’s expecting you to recreate that lift in “Dirty Dancing,” but if you and your partner want to learn some moves for Valentine’s Day, TikTok is full of them. And once you nail it, you can post your own video.
  • Have a jazzy evening - Put on some glitzy outfits, play some swinging tunes and be-bop your way around your place for some “La La Land” vibes.
  • Get busy … in the kitchen - Pretend you’re celebrity chefs, like in “Always Be My Maybe,” and whip up a new recipe together. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, go all out and get fancy with your food and mix up some cocktails or pour some wine to go with it.
  • Pick up a paintbrush - Remember all those paintings Drew Barrymore’s character in “50 First Dates” made of Adam Sandler’s character? Channel your creative spirit and paint each other’s likeness, then exchange the portraits as Valentine’s presents. Bonus points if they’re actually good enough to hang on the wall.

And if you need some good romantic lines...simply check out Instagram! See below! Happy Valentine's Day!