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Kristen's Weekend In 5 Pics - Busy Edition

Nothing like that excitement as we inch closer to the weekend! I don't know about you, but my weekends feel like a grind of a different kind. I may not be waking up at 3 AM, but I'm definitely up early and knocking crud off my list! I feel like I need a "Kristen's Weekend in 20 Pictures" blog! Nonetheless...here we go!

As soon as we finished our show on Friday, I was running around the station trying to wrap up loose ends. By 11:00, I was out the door headed to the Grand Opening of Crumbl Cookie in Kennesaw! It was packed ALL day and some of my closest friends showed up! I also got to meet some of the nicest people!

I left the remote and raced to my doctor. Found out I lost SEVEN pounds last month! Woohoo! Not bad considering I took a vacation and only exercised one day. After my appointment, I raced back to Crumbl to pick up some cookies for my family. The smell of a box of Crumbl Cookies is HEAVEN!

Left Crumbl and met Connor (my oldest) for dinner and furniture shopping. He's moving into an apartment in a month so we're in the process of furnishing it. Also swung by to deliver cookies to my parents and give them a hug. I love being able to say that. I actually got to give my mom and dad hugs. All three of us are now fully vaccinated and this is why I did it. I live ten minutes from my parents for a reason. I need their hugs!

I woke up Saturday and did my usual Saturday morning grind...GROCERY SHOPPING! I like to get there right when they open so I can race up and down the aisles like a NASCAR driver! Get in ...and GET OUT of there as quickly as possible!

After running errands, I raced to the station for my air shift! It was a Braves Winning Weekend on 94.9 The Bull! Left work and got ready for date night with my sweet guy! We had a great dinner at Thai Taste off Canton Road. Ironically, we're both really picky eaters - but their chicken and rice is YUMMMO. We spent time answering questions from an article online about things you should ask the person you're dating. I highly suggest it. Married or dating, they are great conversation starters.

Brain Tumor Awareness month is in May. I spent some time reflecting back to when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It's still so hard to believe that two years ago, I had a pingpong sized brain tumor removed. I'm doing great, but it's hard not to want to spread awareness. So I'll be doing that this month as much as possible. Wrapped up the weekend feeling incredibly grateful and thankful for this life I get to live!

Here's to a new week...and the countdown to this weekend! Y'all have a good one!

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