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She's Got This! Meet Amy Bockerstette

Do you know who Amy Bockerstette is? I hope if you don’t, you’ll read this story and find the joy in Amy’s story that I do.

You may have seen Amy in a 2019 viral video and fell in love with her. When Amy met PGA golfer Gary Woodland at the 2019 Waste Management Phoenix Open, she made a new friend and her life changed forever. His did too. Watch their meeting in this video:

Gary went on to win the US Open and immediately Facetimed Amy to tell her he used her positive energy for his own mental toughness. Amy says she and Gary are best friends.

So a little more on Amy. She’s a student athlete at Paradise Valley Community College and she’s the first collegiate golfer to compete with Down Syndrome. She’s also the first collegiate golfer with Down Syndrome to receive an athletic scholarship. Amy operates under the belief that she can do anything - she can achieve anything. Her catch phrase has always been,

“I Got This.”

In 2019, Amy and her family started the I Got This Foundation. It’s a movement with the goal of promoting opportunities for people with Down Syndrome and other developmental and intellectual disabilities. Golf is a sport for anyone. The foundation allows Amy and her family to spread that message.

Amy works hard and radiates love and light. She’s just pure goodness. And now Amy Bockerstette is set to become the first person with Down Syndrome to compete in a national collegiate athletic championship. She’ll play with her Paradise Valley Community College teammates at the NJCAA national championships May 10th -13th at Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club in Ormond Beach, Florida.

I hope you read, watch the video below and share everything you can because Amy Bockerstette could teach us all a thing or two about life.

She's "GOT IT" and She's The Good Stuff!

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