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Kristen's Weekend In 5 Pics - The Braves Edition

Man...last week was a butt kicker for me. I just couldn't get it together. I was either a day ahead or a day behind. I wasn't sleeping well and stuff was dropping through the cracks ALL WEEK. So to celebrate the weekend, I swung by Crumbl Cookie in Kennesaw on my way home from work to grab a couple of party boxes. One for my house. One for my ex-husband's house. Crumbl for ALL!!!! Crumbl has six different cookies each week. The two main flavors are Chocolate Chip and Sugar. The other four rotate each week. They introduced a new German Chocolate cookie with coconut-pecan icing. Sweet Lawwwwwwwd. That's the smaller box. I needed four of those bad boys. Oh...and just so you know...I'm not getting paid to talk about Crumbl. Our family REALLY loves theses cookies. We're just so happy we have a location so close to home now!

The Braves were home for Alumni Weekend and we had tickets for Friday night! It was incredible to actually get to go back to watch a game This one was special for another reason though.

When Spencer and I went to our last Braves game before the shutdown, I saw a guy a few rows in front of us. He had a HUGE glove and everybody was talking about it. When I say huge, I mean a promotional glove that was so big you could wear it on your head! I started to go down to him and introduce myself and ask if I could take a picture (like everybody else) with this glove. But as I started my way down the steps, I saw that this poor guy was getting inundated by people who wanted to do the same. He was being friendly and allowing all of the pictures, but I figured he was probably getting tired of it and wanted to actually watch the game. I turned around and decided to leave the sweet looking, but overwhelmed guy alone. Over a year later, I met my boyfriend.

We were dating for about a month when we were talking about how much we both love going to Braves games. I said I hadn't been to a game since the second playoff game in 2019. He said he was at that same game. How funny, we thought. Then he showed me a picture of him at that game with a HUGE glove on his head. I said, "Oh my gosh! I saw you! I was going to introduce myself and ask if we could take a picture together with your glove!" We always laugh that God crossed our paths several times and we never knew it. I'll spare you the other times. ANYWAY - great night at Truist Park to watch the game with Chris and our friends Lance and Brad as the Braves made history scoring 20 runs against the Pirates!

Any time I can get the four of us around the same table, it's a win! And lately, it seems we do better making last minute plans. But it was nice to connect with Steve and the boys on Saturday. We went to lunch and had a great time. We caught each other up on what's going on in our lives. We discussed upcoming work / school / game schedules. We needed to get on the same page and had some great laughs too. We always do!

Connor and I left lunch and headed to furniture shop. He's moving into his first apartment this weekend. And I have needed a new mattress set for months. We didn't find a couch or bedroom set we liked for him, but we hit the mattress jackpot at Big Lots! I've said it before and I'll say it again, Big Lots has a phenomenal selection of name brand furniture and mattresses. Several times a year they give you 20% off your entire purchase. They're doing it right now and we took advantage. Again...NOT getting paid to write this. I realized that getting excited about a new mattress set is a true sign of adulting.

After another Braves game on Sunday, I headed to my summer happy place - THE POOL! Water is still so cold, but I bet that'll be greatly appreciated as we are in the 90's all week long. I hope you guys have a fantastic week!!! Stay cool...and...HYDRATED!

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