Walker Hayes Is Hoping To Strike Gold Again With New Song & Dance

Walker Hayes has been making country music for years. But when he decided to post a dance with his song 'Fancy Like' on TikTok, even he couldn't have imagined the success and popularity it would receive. Applebees even placed Oreo shakes back on their menu AND picked up the song for their commercials!

Other country stars, celebrity actors, social media influencers and millions of Americans have posted their 'Fancy Like' dance for the world to enjoy. The song has even seen huge chart success. It currently sits in the Top 5 on the Mediabase chart.

So why not try it again? If the formula works, use it! And that's exactly what Walker is doing with his new song, 'U Girl'. I'm not gonna lie...I kind of like it! How about you?

Happy Dancing, Y'all!!!

Photo: Getty Images

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